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About Francesca Holland Fine Art

Francesca Holland is a fine artist, scientific illustrator and chemical engineer based in New London, Connecticut.


Her passion for art started in early childhood, growing up inspired by the many creatives in her family including painters, poets, dancers, musicians, cooks and DJs.


Her artwork often focuses on portraiture, the human figure and nature.  Many of her pieces are introspective, portraying emotional states of mind on the canvas in a surrealist style.  She is passionate about incorporating symbols of female empowerment into her pieces.  Some of her portraits also pay tribute to influential music and sports legends. 

She has experience in a variety of different mediums including oil and acrylic paints, relief and intaglio printmaking, ink, oil pastel, charcoal, graphite, colored pencils and digital art.  

She sells prints of her work and takes commission requests.


Francesca received her Bachelors of Science in Chemical Engineering and her Studio Art Minor from the University of Connecticut (UConn) in 2019.  In 2017 she studied art abroad at the International Studies Institute in Florence, Italy.  

Francesca aspires to shape her career to combine her technical background with her artistic skills in order solve important problems in the world.


Francesca’s artwork has been selected for exhibition at various venues across Connecticut including the Annual Mystic Outdoor Art Festival in 2018, a UConn Funds the Arts Charity Event in 2017 and the UConn Wilbur Cross Building in 2016.  Her artwork won 1st and 3rd place prizes in the 2016 Bethlehem Fair art contest.  

She has worked as a scientific illustrator for seven different UConn research labs, for which a selection of her work has been published.  Her scientific illustrations for the Lawrence Hightower Collection of Ethnographic, Ethnohistorical and Ancient Footwear are now a part of the Peabody Museum of Natural History at Yale University.  

Francesca works full time as an electro-chemical systems engineer at General Dynamics Electric Boat.

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